The fourth in our series of posts looking at the authors who use The Book Reality Experience. This time it’s the turn of Lauren Casey, who decided to use Book Reality for the editing and formatting of her incredibly moving memoir, The Way My Heart Beats.  A deeply personal book told through the eyes of a young wife and mother whose husband and son both have congenital heart defects (CHD) despite the lack of a proven genetic link.

Detailing the emotional rollercoaster journey that was the first year of their sons’ life and recounting her husband’s own CHD journey, it is an invaluable, albeit confronting read for all parents with children diagnosed with CHD and aims to provide them with hope, empathy and empowerment. It is the story that no medical professional can explain as it details a parents perspective of the ins and outs of the hospital setting with a child who has a life-threatening illness.

Lauren Casey was born in Bunbury, South Western Australia and wrote stories, diaries and even song lyrics from her earliest days. It became her passionate hobby and later, a release from the normal pressures of the “teenage years”. Then one day she stopped writing. Perhaps she didn’t need to express things on the page, perhaps she was just too busy with life. Whatever the reason, little was she to know that writing would once again become her saving grace during the lead-up to, and immediate months following, the birth of her son.

Lauren is now working on a follow-up memoir that will detail the birth story of her daughter. A second child that has once again been born with CHD despite the incredible odds of that happening. Her story and that of her family is a remarkable study of resilience and love in the face of dire adversity.

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