Well that was a few frantic days. My previous post dealt with the horrendous programme on BBC TV that had done a disservice to my hometown.


It obviously hit a certain resonant note as it was shared over 1000 times on Facebook and seen by over 7000 people. It spawned a whole plethora of social media on the subject of #I Love Larne. And I do. But, as is obvious, I don’t live there. I live out in sunny Western Australia (where it is currently blowing a gale and raining).

As well as trying to keep up with the comments and replying to those that wrote to me, the last week has seen me up and down to Perth quite a bit. For those not familiar with the geography of WA, Perth is about 160 Kilometres north of the ridge (What ridge? The ridge in the title of the blog) and it is quite a good road, save for the last 30 of the 160. Would be better if the state government figured out a capital city needs more than a dual-carriageway coming into it as the main artery but there you go. I mean, what can you do with politicians that doesn’t involve slapping them quite hard with a heavy object?

Anyway, up in Perth is a park, opened first in 1899, called Queens Garden. I think it is my favourite place in the city and was the setting for the short story ‘Ducks in Oz‘ that appeared on here a while ago. Apart from ducks it also has a smaller replica of the PeterPan statue found in London’s Kensington Gardens and… the actual bench out of Notting Hill. Yeah, I know, if you are a bloke you may well be saying, “What bench?” but trust me, most women I know who have seen that movie know the bench…

So, yep, I love Larne but I really like this place too. I hope you enjoy the images…

Queen’s Gardens, East Perth, Western Australia

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