Dateline 17 October 2014 


and only 21 days after they came to install our phone-line the wonder that is the Australian communication provider “Telstra” has finally managed

to get us a working dial tone and broadband connection. This makes me delighted. In fact more than delighted. I can’t really recall another instance of how something that was not in existence 20 years ago can be so essential to life as an internet connection and wifi… And yes, I get it – what if I was in West Africa and had Ebola on the doorstep? I know. I know… Wifi and internet pale into insignificance when compared to real problems… BUT, in my world wide wandering my need for world wide web access is right up there…

On reflection, I feel less isolated and less frustrated with life if all manner of other “essentials” are removed instead. If my car isn’t working, or if the fridge was kaput or I had no access to air or water. Okay, maybe not the last two, granted but you get the gist. So, all is well again, I have re-installed and reinitialised my Sonos system, the hue lights are responding to commands and I can actually get back to doing some blog posts, upload a picture or two, ponder the meaning of life and keep you enthralled with the build up to my little book launch in my little old home town library. I am sure you are happy about all of that. I know I am.

So, with the “lights, music and action” back on, this is just a short post to get me back into the swing of things. But, before I turn in, I’m very happy to say that in the intervening 3 weeks the excellent Asha over at GirltalkHQ ran a giveaway for my book based on the best nominations for heroines. Congratulations to the winners who get a personalized copy of  A Time To Every Purpose sent to them. If you get a moment, go check out GirlTalkHQ’s daily news blog dedicated to female empowerment & inspiration at …

Whizzy Wifi

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