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Fall Guys

Thought I should post a quick update, as I’ve been getting asked quite regularly about it… Fall Guys, the third in the Wright and Tran series of novels, is due for release in March 2017. The last few chapters are being written, then a couple of months of editing and cover design before it is ‘let free’… into the world. The ‘close to final draft’ of the cover is on the left. Over the next few weeks, the pre-order links will go out and then I’ll be setting up a series of exclusive, early preview chapters, so keep an eye...

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Discovering Books – 2

I’ve just finished the most peculiar of books. It was mesmerising, deep, dark, twisted. A brilliant crime novel and one that was recognised with the Ned Kelly Award for best debut in 2014 from the Australian Crime Writers Association. So it shouldn’t have been a surprise that Hades, by Candice Fox was good. Better than good. The reason I say it was peculiar is wholly down to the characters. There are four main protagonists, with a healthy helping of intriguing incidentals, but these four, comprising three cops and a father figure, might just be the most disturbing collection of...

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A Surprisingly Round Number – A World War One Remembrance

Sixty-six years of death in twenty-four hours… and one man in particular. One hundred years ago today, on the 13th November 1916, exactly three thousand five hundred British military died[i]. It is a surprisingly precise, neat number given the unprecise, horrific conflict it stems from. But let’s just consider it. Three thousand five hundred. 3,500 deaths, in one day. That is more British military dead than died in Korea, the Falklands, the Gulf war, the second Iraq war, Afghanistan and all of the Northern Irish troubles, combined. Just let that sink in. More British military dead on that single...

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I never took that much notice

Just a short story I was inclined to write… “You mean back in the day? Oh, that’s a while ago. I mean, I remember. Bits of it all. But I never took that much notice. Well, I did, but most of the early things weren’t near Philly, so it didn’t really concern me. I’m not stupid. I watched the TV news. The one after I came home from work, but you know how it is. I’d come in, kick off my boots, strip off the hi-vis shirt, my jeans. Step into the shower. Out of the shower, towel, dry,...

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Discovering Books

I have a tendency to discover a new series of books when they are far from new. Clancy was on his third release when I discovered Jack Ryan. Michael Connolly and his famed Harry Bosch were many volumes into their adventures, Lee Child and Jack Reacher were entertaining their ‘Visitor’ before I found out and even good old Harry P was dallying with Prisoners in Azkaban before the rising wave of social chatter in London got too much to ignore. It’s a weird phenomenon and one I used to fret about. I would be annoyed that I hadn’t known about the...

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