Author: Ian Andrew

Digital ones and knots

Given the title of the blog I was thinking that I might just need to update my faithful old camera. That’s not to say that the wonderful iPhone or iPad couldn’t take reasonable shots and be faithful workhorses (it was an iPhone5 that took the sunset on the left) but all in all I thought I should probably┬ástart to think about getting back into a bit of “proper” photography. Getting back being the thing. It’s been a while since I messed about with apertures and shutter speeds and depth of field and “all that jazz”. I used to be...

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Hundreds of Millions + 1

According to the latest stats I can find on the net, there are hundreds of millions of blogs in existence. Well, now there’s one more. Welcome to Views from the Ridge, my new blog. Well, not really my new blog. That would imply I had one before. I didn’t. This is my first blog and in fact, my first blog post. What fun! Even more fun as I happen to be writing this whilst a countryman of mine is knocking a little white ball up and down some greens and fairways in ‘Royal Liverpool’ in a bid to win...

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