Author: Ian Andrew

Hooray… connectivity!!

Dateline 17 October 2014  and only 21 days after they came to install our phone-line the wonder that is the Australian communication provider “Telstra” has finally managed to get us a working dial tone and broadband connection. This makes me delighted. In fact more than delighted. I can’t really recall another instance of how something that was not in existence 20 years ago can be so essential to life as an internet connection and wifi… And yes, I get it – what if I was in West Africa and had Ebola on the doorstep? I know. I know… Wifi and...

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An Open Letter to Scotland

Dear Scotland I have read over these past few days and weeks reasoned and logical arguments as to why the Union should not be broken apart. I have read newspaper accounts and listened to youtube submissions that point out the economic flaws and bear-traps that lie in wait for an independent Scotland. I have listened to politicians of all persuasions trying to provide the coup de grâce that will seal their preferred result. A lot of the time I have heard the call for the romance and the emotion to be taken out of the argument. To distance the...

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Lazy Sundays & New Houses

About three years ago, after almost seven years of searching, my wife finally found a block of land that ticked all the boxes for a “dream home location”. Quiet surrounds, big enough not to be overlooked, backing onto a view of water and affordable enough that we didn’t have to donate body parts. Two years ago we managed to buy it. Cue extremely protracted and convoluted dealings with banks in attempting to get them to come to the party. We needed them to play nicely so that we could build a house on our lovely block. I know, you’re...

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SLF – No Going Back? – Takes me back…

Each to their own. I think I can write a bit and take the occasional good photo. I’m happy with that. I’m not as happy about the fact that I don’t have any musical ability. I’ve tried to play the blues harmonica and the Irish bodhrán. Obviously not at the same time. Although that might have worked out better. The measure of success with each separately was not great. I would love to be able to sing, so that others could recognise the tune and not have to leave the room but alas… My acceptance of this lack of musical skill...

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A Little Sun Shining Yesterday, 22 August.

I have tried to stay away from the self-promotion of my book on here. Thought it would be a better idea to write some short stories, some poems and take some photos. The idea was to get a little group of followers to come along for the ride and encourage you all to go out and look up my novel without pushing you in that direction. However, yesterday at 4.30pm WA time I found out that my first novel had received a 4 out of 5 star review in a UK national newspaper. The reviewer made some comments about things...

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