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Discovering Books – 6

The latest book review from Views From The Ridge. Mark Fryday is a UK (Cambridgeshire) based author who originally hailed from the North East of England. His first novel, Collapse of the Wave (Tales from The Red Lion Book 1) was, at first glance, a simple story of a bloke called Dan, who spent a lot of time down his local English pub. However, within a chapter, you realised that the story was a lot more complex. In fact, the funny, poignant, with sharply drawn observations of mundane happenings, Collapse of the Wave was actually a marvellous study of love...

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A few necessities if you want to be an ‘Indie Author’

Look, it ain’t that difficult to get. The publishing world changed, has changed, is changing. The rise of Publish on Demand, the advent of electronic book readers and the explosion of Amazon into book publishing innovation has blown the doors of the guarded sanctuary. That place you had to get into before you could even consider getting your book published and out in front of a global audience. Yep, all that has happened and now, unlike the old model of Vanity Publishing, any writer can have their book published professionally at practically nil cost. Except. You can’t. Seriously. You can’t. Unless you have some seriously gifted professional friends. You need to spend some money to meet some fundamental requirements, for the simple facts are these: If you (as a reader) pick up a book, you expect it to read well, be grammatically correct, have the words spelt properly. If that’s what you expect as a reader, then that’s what you should be striving for as an author. Yes, one or two typos will squeeze through any system (and lucky you if you have the early editions of Harry Potter with the typos in them) but there shouldn’t be a plethora of them. You shouldn’t have them littered throughout like potholes, juddering the eyes of the reader and jolting them off the page and into the real world of having...

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Give or take a year…

On 29 March 2017 Stiff Little Fingers arrived in Perth, Western Australia to play their first, stand-alone gig in the town. On the same evening, I had to fly out to the UK in preparation for the London Book Fair. I was ‘gutted’… I’d been a fan since they’d first formed in Northern Ireland almost forty years earlier and they, more than any other band, had provided the backing track to my life. Like so many of us who had grown up in ‘The Province’ during what was known as ‘The Troubles’ their songs had provided a glimmer of hope...

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Meet Our Authors – Lauren Casey

The fourth in our series of posts looking at the authors who use The Book Reality Experience. This time it’s the turn of Lauren Casey, who decided to use Book Reality for the editing and formatting of her incredibly moving memoir, The Way My Heart Beats.  A deeply personal book told through the eyes of a young wife and mother whose husband and son both have congenital heart defects (CHD) despite the lack of a proven genetic link. Detailing the emotional rollercoaster journey that was the first year of their sons’ life and recounting her husband’s own CHD journey, it is an invaluable, albeit confronting read for all parents with children diagnosed with CHD and aims to provide them with hope, empathy and empowerment. It is the story that no medical professional can explain as it details a parents perspective of the ins and outs of the hospital setting with a child who has a life-threatening illness. Lauren Casey was born in Bunbury, South Western Australia and wrote stories, diaries and even song lyrics from her earliest days. It became her passionate hobby and later, a release from the normal pressures of the “teenage years”. Then one day she stopped writing. Perhaps she didn’t need to express things on the page, perhaps she was just too busy with life. Whatever the reason, little was she to know that writing would...

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Six Tips to format a Word document for use as a Paperback

Following on from the top six tips in using Word to format an E-book, this post is going to look at the things to bear in mind when formatting for paperback. As I said the last time, I get that some of you are keyboard wizards and witches, warriors all, scurrying away with ‘fantastical’ word processing programs, like Scrivener, but, there are quite a lot of us, mere two-finger mortals, still ploughing our lonely furrows with that bastion of word processing software, the mighty Microsoft® Word. Now, in a former life, I was an accredited trainer of all things Microsoft® and the biggest revelation to me was how poorly prepared people were when given a PC and expected to “get on with it”. We wouldn’t let a welder just weld, but we let an administrator just wield their way through Word. Normally woefully. Thankfully, it needn’t be that way. To format a document for paperback is a simple matter of using things that expert programmers have built into Word for us. Sadly, so few even know these things exist, let alone how to use them. So, if you want to format a Word document such that it sails through the approval process for both Amazon’s Createspace and Ingram Spark’s system, then read on:   First things first, decide upon the size you want your book to be. You’d think...

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