Month: July 2017

Meet Our Authors – Helene Smith

The third in our series of posts looking at the authors who use The Book Reality Experience. This time it’s the turn of Helene Smith, a former traditionally published author who decided to reclaim the rights to her work and use the independent route to publish her Young Adult and Children novels as E-Books. Helene Smith was raised in a rural area at Linfarn Manjimup, Western Australia. Her school teacher mother handed on a love of literature and a tradition of storytelling which became a lifelong passion. After a short nursing career, Helene married a school teacher and raised a large family, whilst all the time writing ‘covertly’ as a young mother – short fiction, private journal writing and poetry, honing her craft through TAFE correspondence courses. After studying Education and English and obtaining a degree as a mature student at Edith Cowan University in Bunbury, Western Australia, she wrote her first book; Operation Clancy (1994) was inspired by a wish to produce an ‘easy to read’ thriller for reluctant older readers. Since then, the sheer joy of invention and a fascination with the writing process has kept Helene in there. An experienced presenter and writer/facilitator in schools, community centres and institutions for adult learners, she delights in sharing the writing process with others.Ray is a business leader, presenter, social media commentator and author. A previous CEO of Fremantle Council he holds...

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Professional Independent Publishing-On-Demand – A How-To Guide – Part Three

So you want to publish a book… Not just any book… Your Book? Welcome to Ian Andrew’s Guide to Professional Independent Publishing on Demand.  No. 3 – Which companies to use… Paperback Copies.     Like the last post in this series, I’ll make a simple declaration at the start… with a small caveat… I don’t have any professional or monetary reason to recommend any company for Publish-On-Demand (POD). However, I am a member of the Ingram Spark International Advisory Board, but only after I had been using their services for a good few years anyway. So I think my opinions are as unbiased as they can be. Simply put, I know what works for me and why I chose what I did. Though my choices were far from straightforward at the beginning of my Indie publishing journey. I stumbled my way through publishing the first couple of books and should have probably come to a lot of realisations sooner than I did… But I didn’t. Now you can benefit from all of my hindsight… Also, there are loads more companies out there, so don’t feel you need to be constrained by my choices either. But, we’re going to look at the two main companies: Amazon’s CreateSpace and Ingram Spark.   Overview There is a major elephant in this particular room. Booksellers, actual bricks and mortar stores, will struggle to stock your paperback as an...

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Meet Our Authors – Ray Glickman

The second in our series of posts looking at the authors who use The Book Reality Experience. This time it’s the turn of Ray Glickman, a traditionally published author who decided to choose the independent path for the release of his second novel, the dark and foreboding, frenzship. Ray is a business leader, presenter, social media commentator and author. A previous CEO of Fremantle Council he holds Master’s degree in philosophy, psychology, business and social work and has an extensive background in senior management. His first novel, Reality, published by the Fremantle Press in 2014, is a darkly entertaining thriller about social manipulation in the twenty-first century and was shortlisted for the Western Australian Premier Book Awards. Ray decided he wanted more control over his author’s journey and so, after sharing a platform with Ian Andrew at the Margaret River Readers and Writers Festival, he decided to use the Book Reality Experience to facilitate the publishing of his second novel, frenzship. A fascinating insight into the world of social media and what might happen if it progressed to the point of choosing your friends for you. The official launch of the novel is in Fremantle, WA on the 24th July 2017. Click here for more details. Now running his own management consulting business, ‘From Left Field’, Ray co-hosted with the Book Reality Experience, the inaugural “Democratisation of Publishing’ workshop at the...

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Six Tips to format a Word document for use as an E-Book

Yep – I get that some of you are keyboard wizards and witches, warriors all, scurrying away with Scrivener and ripping through with Reedsy… But, there are quite a lot of us, mere two-finger mortals still ploughing our lonely furrows with that bastion of word processing software, the mighty Microsoft® Word. Now, in a former life, I was an accredited trainer of all things Microsoft® and the biggest revelation to me was how poorly prepared people were when given a PC and expected to “get on with it”. We wouldn’t let a welder just weld, but we let an administrator just wield their way through Word. Normally woefully. Thankfully, it needn’t be that way. To format a document is a simple matter of using things that expert programmers have built into Word for us. Sadly, so few even know these things exist, let alone how to use them. So, if you want to format a Word document such that it sails through the conversion process for Kindle’s Mobi or the more generic E-Pub… read on. First things first, you need to lose quite a lot of what would be in a paperback version. You don’t need to worry about page size, page margins, hyphenation, page numbers, footers or headers. All of these are irrelevant for E-book documents, because the smartphone or tablet device relies on dynamically resizing the pages...

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Meet Our Authors – Helen Allan

Welcome to the first in a series of posts looking at the authors who use The Book Reality Experience. It seems fitting and appropriate to start with our very first client – Author, Helen Allan. Helen, as the then Director of the Margaret River Readers and Writers Festival, had been writing for years, but it was her thirst for knowledge about how Publish-On-Demand worked as a process and her keenness to use it for the release of her novels, that helped establish the Book Reality Experience’s suite of services that are available to all authors now. Book Reality helped Helen set-up her Amazon and Ingram Spark accounts, registered her ISBNs, formatted and converted her manuscripts to E-Book and Paperback layouts, provided professional cover design and assisted the release of her first novel, the young-adult adventure book “Bilby“. Since then, spanning a few years now, we have worked together as Helen has established and consolidated her own knowledge bank and with each subsequent book release, she has taken on more and more of the publishing process herself. This range of assistance, from the initial, “Please do it all for me” plea for help, through to Helen being able to do it all by herself, sums up the flexibility of the Book Reality service and the way we tailor each package to meet our author’s needs. Turning Book Dreams into Reality Read...

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