Month: January 2017

Discovering Books – 5

Aliya Whiteley is an award-winning British author with an extensive catalogue of novels, short stories and non-fiction articles to her name. As well as being incredibly prolific, she was also kind enough to read over the early chapters of my own first novel and give me some very valuable words of encouragement and direction. Her horror novella, The Beauty, was published back in late 2014 and I wrote an Amazon review at the time. But, as I am now publishing reviews on this blog, I thought it was more than worthy of being included in its own right, for it is...

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Discovering Books – 4

Alan Baxter is a British-Australian author who writes dark fantasy, horror and sci-fi. His collection of short stories, Crow Shine, is light on the sci-fi but certainly allows his skills in writing dark macabre to come to the fore. From clawing death, to angelic interlopers through time-twisting magic and the secrets of good moonshine, the collection is, as one would expect of an award-winning short-story writer, tight compact and engaging. Engaging, but at times very uncomfortable. The stories are, like all good horror, full of demons and dark forces, enticing, beguiling and consuming poor humans who are all too ready...

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To Ask or Not to Ask?- That is a question…

Hi All,  Here’s the thing, yep, this is going to be a long post, settle in, I NEED you to. I have a dilemma. It’s one I share with a lot of Indy Authors. It’s a need to ask, request, impose on you, without ever wanting to ask, request or even hint of an imposition. A need to have support, without wanting to make the request implicit… It’s an Indy Author thing… and an Indy anythingthing… A need and a horrendous embarrassment all rolled into one… I should probably explain… I wrote my first book in 2014. Well, I didn’t....

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