Month: June 2016

Poppy Wreaths Are Laid

I left to serve with happy heart, no thoughts of death or fear, I even smiled and thought to tease, my Mother’s silent tear.   “Don’t worry Mother, dry your eyes and wish me all your best. For Kaiser Bill will scamper quick, when Pals he tries to test. We’ll sweep him up and throw him out of Flanders bonny fields. For God is with the righteous; his glory as our shields. I’ll be right back afore you know, your tears will hardly fall, So see me off, with one more hug, for I answer duty’s call.”   A...

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Who do you think you are, Jon Snow?

So I wrote this for my Mrs, and others like her, who love Game of Thrones, but lose the plot on who is who at times.. Still confused about who the heck Jon Snow’s parents are? Let me explain as simply as possible… If you are a Game of Thrones “nerd” and know all there is to know about the Song of Ice and Fire, then look away now. This post will be seriously old news for you. If you are a casual viewer who hasn’t watched all the episodes of all the series, then definitely look away now....

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A Self-Harming Society

The media are going to concentrate on the intentions of the shooter. They will make sure the story is all about ISIS, but it so isn’t. They are so wrong. The issue is how many atrocities does it take to realise your ‪#‎gunculture‬ is broken? If you were a self-harming teen, we’d take the knife away, but you’re allegedly the world’s biggest and best democracy. Really? I don’t believe you understand the strength of a democratic society. If you did, your majority would have overturned your archaic gun laws already. Your majority would have, long ago, put a stop...

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Ali – A Good Man – The Greatest

I know we have all figured out that 2016 is a potentially hazardous year to be famous, but it isn’t that famous ‘ish people are dying that is surprising me. It is the iconic status of those who are being recalled to … (insert your own thoughts here, God’s Bosom, Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, Atomic stardust, wormfood). Seriously… Bowie, Prince, Professor Snape, it’s like the Grim Reaper has turned on Icon Recall mode… Yet all these, the rest and more, pale to a fragment of a sparkle compared to the shining brilliance that was Ali. He was the first global...

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