Month: April 2016


35 days. 1555 miles driven. Multiple more train-ed, ferry-ed and flown. Seven author talks. Three days in a book fair. One old politician seen. Eight counties stopped in. Many more travelled through. Too many friends and family met up with to count. So many thanks owed for so much hospitality shown. Occasions and experiences that were great, some poignant, some sad. All in all, quite a trip but glad to be bringing it to a close now.  Uploading this on a mobile on board an Airbus so who knows what order or format the images will load in. Oh...

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An Indy Book Tour – 10

“Just a few meanderings and musings about London…” Face Value and Flight Path have a lot of London locations. Today I went and had a proper close-up look at some of them for the first time in quite a while. I also took in a whole bunch of other London sights. Nothing to do with books, but it prompted a small list of things that have struck me since being back in town: Lots of people still smoke. Lots and lots of people use those vapour stick things. There are a lot of foreign workers. Now… this is not an...

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An Indy Book Tour – 9

“Cromwell lived round here… But he’s dead now…” Pictures from the Huntingdon Independent Bookstore Event. Thanks to one Mr Webb, a navy Photog who in no way was the inspiration for a character in Face Value 🙂 Thanks to all that turned up and those from all around who sent messages of support 🙂 Next up is the London Book Fair then the St Ives Corn Exchange on the 17th… Ian Ian Andrew is the author of the alternative history novel A Time To Every Purpose, the detective thrillers Face Value and Flight Path and the Little Book of Silly Rhymes &...

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An Indy Book Tour – 8

“Green hills that back a special place, the homeland of Latharna’s race…” Home. Or at least my original home, for I have had many and have been fortunate with them all. I’ve spent the last week there, catching up with family, friends, drizzle 🙂 Yep, Northern Ireland in the spring can be glorious. It can also be overcast, wet and cold. I lucked out this time and got the latter. It does serve well to remind me of the benefits and glories that Western Australia offers 🙂     But, the weather did occasionally show flashes of brilliance, and...

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