Month: March 2016

An Indy Book Tour – 3

A doubling sort of day. “After 8 hours on a jet, I’d have been happy for the pilot to go back round again, for what’s not to like about getting spoilt at 35,000 feet…” Picking up from before, I eventually had to leave the nice Emirates lounge and get onto, what turned out to be, the even nicer plane. A double decker no less…or to be a little more precise, in an aircrafty type of way, an Airbus A380-800.   The third airbridge in the picture (lower left) was for that rare breed of passenger, the First Class traveller....

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An Indy Book Tour – 2

Unlike quite a lot of folk, I like air travel. Always have. Even in the confines of cattle class. Yeah, no freebie upgrade on the Emirates flight out of Perth. I did score a spare seat beside me, although the couple in the next two seats over decided they would get more use out of it and proceeded to spoon across all three seats. Fair enough. They managed to sleep and not kick me with their feet so it was a result of sorts. The baby (it is obligatory to have at least one crying baby on all flights...

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An Indy Book Tour – 1

Normally, my blog gets left all alone for days, weeks and sometimes months.   I get around to writing something when I feel the urge, but over the next five weeks I will be on a UK tour for the release of my new novel (Flight Path) and I hope to turn this blog into a much more regular Travel Log… The “tour”, like all things in the Independent World of Publishing, has been driven along without the assistance of a big name publishing house. It comes down to one or two people having a bit of “oomph” and getting things done. A huge...

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Launch Day – Flight Path

After months of writing, months and months of editing, selecting cover art and generally getting all the rest that goes with launching a new book into place, and a last few days of checking and double checking… Flight Path will be released tomorrow as an e-book on Amazon: If, on the other hand, you like a paperback to hold and hug, then that format is released (again on Amazon, or any other on-line retailer) on the same day. Or… go into your local book shop this weekend and and ask them to order it for you. 🙂 If...

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Dear America…

I did think about putting quite a lot of well thought out, carefully considered, politically measured, balanced and rational argument into this post. I crafted, edited and reworked it, so as to make it accessible to all levels of the socio-economic spectrum. But then I realised, if your Presidential campaign is indicative of the sane, decision making, level of civic minded citizens, then my work was to be wasted. All I really needed to write was this; Dear America, you’re fucked… Imagine Donald with his finger on the button… Go on… Push it…   Ian Andrew is the author...

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