Month: March 2016

An Indy Book Tour – 7

“We’re all of to Dublin in the green, in the green, where the rifles glisten in the sun…” Monday, April 24th 1916 and the sun may well have been glinting off the bayonets and rifles of the Irish Volunteers and Citizen Army soldiers, but as I travel across to the Easter Rising Centenary celebrations in Dublin, it isn’t April, isn’t a Monday and there is no sign of the sun. Glad to say, on board the Irish Ferries’ Ferry Ulysses, there are no signs of rifles or bayonets either. There are signs of a nervous watchfulness in some of...

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An Indy Book Tour – 6

Llandudno… “Lewis Carroll’s old stomping ground, although the Mad Hatter and Alice have nothing on the Colwyn Bay Murder & Mayhem group…” The second book event of the tour was in a town I’ve known since I was a boy of seven. I spent many a summer holiday there and then later, during the early years of my RAF career, it was a home away from home. My younger sister still lives locally with her family, and I thought it would make a great stop on my travels. Luckily, Anne and Elin and all the rest of the Llandudno Library...

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An Indy Book Tour – 5

Cider, Cheese and Cream Teas “There are places that just ‘feel right’…” On the way to Cheltenham I diverted a little from the direct route, to visit Cheddar Gorge. This massive gouge in the earth is home to caves, cliffs, rare fauna and flora and if you want all of that detail, wikipedia is probably a good source (article here) but, my fascination with the place dates back to 1989, when, as a young airman with a free weekend from a training course at nearby RAF Locking (alas now a housing estate), I drove into the Gorge’s magnificence and was stopped in...

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An Indy Book Tour – 4

Ancestry and A First Launch “I’m not from round these parts, except in a weird way, I am…” A little delayed in posting but finally… A review of Tuesday – Crewkerne, Somerset. The first Launch Event. Crewkerne Library is housed in a small building that is fairly non-descript on the outside, but cosy on the inside. It sits at the heart of the old market town, surrounded by stunning 15th and 16th century pubs, coaching inns, narrow lanes and a less than 16th century Co-op, Waitrose and Lidls… Progress 🙂 I arrived in the morning to find the little...

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A Somersetian Signal Sinkhole

Quick update. First launch went well. Crewkerne is delightful but seems to be in a mobile data abyss. So the next proper update, with photos, will have to wait for wireless in Cheltenham. Currently on way but with a lunch stop in one of my favourite places on the planet, Cheddar Gorge 😎 Ian Ian Andrew is the author of the alternative history novel A Time To Every Purpose, the detective thrillers Face Value and Flight Path and the Little Book of Silly Rhymes & Odd Verses. All are available in e-book and paperback. Follow him on social media:   Share this:Click to share...

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