Month: December 2015

Swinging Low…

I was just bringing 2015 to a quiet and relaxed closure by spending the day lying in front of no-brain TV, snacking and drinking. Kinda perfect on some days šŸ™‚ Then just outside, in the shade of our “Buddha Tree”, I noticed another family were doing much the same. Minus the TV. Wonder what she sees in him?   Nuzzling Mum Boomer Just Chillin… Ian Andrew Ian Andrew is the author of the alternative history novel A Time To Every PurposeĀ and the detective thriller Face Value.Ā Both are available on Amazon.Ā Follow him on social media:   Share this:Click to share...

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Copper and Lead

San Bernardino In the wake of the San Bernardino shootings, which are still being investigated and appear to be much more than a normalĀ mass shooting in the US, it is worth considering that single statement. A normal mass shooting in the US. Normal is defined as conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. So are mass shootings in the US, normal? Well by that definition, yes. Yes they are. If I posted the graphic below every time a ‘mass shooting event’Ā had taken placeĀ in the US in 2015, I would have posted it over 350 times already. I cannot...

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