Month: November 2015


I don’t worry about much, but I do wonder how things could play out. I wonder how long you can push and poke the European nations before they react with unmitigated fury. It is just over two generations since the biggest conflict in human history. A conflict initiated by Europeans when they were pushed far enough. I wonder what it would take to rile them again. There will be a lot of blog posts written about Paris. A lot will send sympathy, a lot will call for peace and reconciliation. More still will remind their readers that all Muslims...

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Remembrance Day – 2015

A pub, a church and a war memorial. The constant three. As I drove through the smallest hamlet or village in the UK, I was greeted by this triumvirate of society. One is dedicated to the enjoyment of company. To celebrate the passing of the day, to quench thirsts. Its importance undiminished. For we are a social animal. One is for introspection. To celebrate the bounty of life and the preparation for what may come. Its importance is waning. For we are increasingly secular. One is to remember. Dedicated to the millions, listed and unlisted who sacrificed their youth, their...

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