Month: July 2015

In Memory of Sgt James McManus

In memory of my Great, Great Uncle who died of wounds on the 14th July 1916.  Although I haven’t traced the exact circumstances yet, it is most likely he was wounded on the 1st of July as the 12th Battalion of the Royal Irish Rifles went over the top on the first day of the Somme. 100 years later it is fitting that we still remember them. Whilst the letter below is fictional, it is written in the style of many of the young Lieutenants of their day. Sadly, seven Lt or 2nd Lts of the probable sixteen in the Battalion were killed in action on...

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Happy 12th of July – Symbolism and History Intertwined, Like Mayoral Chains

Up in the part of Ireland that was my home it is the 12th of July. Not to say it isn’t the 12th in other places but in Northern Ireland this wee day is quite significant in that it marks the culmination of the parades and marches celebrated and conducted by the ‘Orange Men’.Which is not a weird offshoot band to the Blue Man Group but is (according to wikipedia): The Loyal Orange Institution, more commonly known as the Orange Order, a Protestant fraternal organisation based primarily in Northern Ireland. It also has a significant presence in the Scottish Lowlands...

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All this “Gay” stuff… I’m over it.

How one man’s recollections of World War II, changed my views forever… From national, hi-profile, Australian parliamentarians to my local MP, (even if she has misjudged the feelings of many of her constituents) everyone of any political hue in Australia seems to have a massive amount to say on the issue of same-sex marriage equality. To be honest, I’m over it. Surely there are more important things for them to be getting worked up about? I don’t mean the issue isn’t important. I just mean it’s a non-issue. Or at least it should be. It is a straightforward question of equality...

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It’s not all Greek to me.  

I live in Australia and have no real concern over what happens in Greece. Even if they left the Euro it would realistically do little to drastically impact our markets. The EU will not fail due to a Greek exit. It might teeter though. It might crack enough for others to leave. That could be a concern. I am no economist. But I can work out a budget. I get that if I have money and put none aside then I will either have to borrow or wait to get shiny things. Governments seem incapable of waiting. So they borrow. Then...

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