Month: May 2015

Really, because God said so, REALLY?

I try desperately hard not to go on a rant, especially about religion. Coming from Northern Ireland it wasn’t a great topic of conversation. But the stupidity, absurdness and outright hypocrisy of the bible-wielding fanatics that continue to tell us that God said this and God said that and Christian Values are this and that are really getting on my wick. The outrage heralded by some Christians about the decision for Ireland to adopt marriage-equality was only topped by more “outrage” when the Girl Scouts of America decided to allow transgenders to join. We are talking about a youth organisation and...

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Memorial Day 2015 – I Still Miss Him

The American Military Cemetery – Madingley, England   Just outside Cambridge, England there is a little piece of the USA. Held in perpetuity, in honor of her people who gave their lives during WWII. I knew him. His heart beat, his eyes shone with happiness and sometimes, when he didn’t think I was looking, glazed with tears. He lived, he felt, he was as vibrant, as energetic, as immortal as the rest of them. As immortal as I was. Back then. When all seemed so dark and yet so gay, so much to live for. So little time left to live it. ...

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Marketing is Harder than Writing :)

On reflection I often think that writing a book is actually easier than the marketing of it. But needs must.  The latest avenue I have found is WattPad… a free reading site that is here… Go check it out. There are thousands of books serialised on there for no cost at all. I also have a Thunderclap promotion running, click here to join in – Just a note on that, you have to select support via Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr (or all three). But crawling rather then running might be a better description as there are a few more clicks needed...

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