Month: November 2014

Some VERY Short Stories…

A little while ago I entered a very short story competition. These were some of the drafts that I played around with but didn’t submit. Three of them are a bit sad, but hopefully the fourth will cheer you. As you’ll see, it was a competition with a very limited word count allowed: Spitfire The cloud-lined boulevards, peacefully suspended, gently undulating were ripped apart by tracer. Fiercely hot engine oil spurted over his eyes and flames tore his legs. He hauled back on the already destroyed Spitfire’s controls but enemy shells enveloped him. His youthful vitality disintegrated. ‘Mac’ cried out, “Raise...

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Went to the Gourmet Escape in Margaret River today. Hundreds of stalls and outlets, thousands of people and sadly millions of bush flies. What with a tightly packed throng throwing a lot of Aussie Salutes trying to fend off the bugs the whole thing was a bit of a strange experience. Yes there was bread, wine and every possible foodstuff, garnish and condiment you could imagine but there were also a lot of people making weird noises as they tried the samples. Quite a lot of pinched hands describing the aroma, the texture, the flavours and that was only...

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