Month: October 2014

Reflections on the News

I seem to find myself more and more perturbed with irrational and unbalanced news coverage of recent events. I sense that rational, sane and wholly democratic views could be so easily manipulated in an atmosphere of hyperbole and paranoia. So, as I was thinking about that I dusted off and updated a short story I worked on a while ago that aimed to look at what might happen if the inmates got to run the asylum… (On a personal note, it isn’t real, it’s a fictional story and is not meant to upset, annoy or incite. It is meant to make...

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I Quite Like Perth too…

Well that was a few frantic days. My previous post dealt with the horrendous programme on BBC TV that had done a disservice to my hometown. It obviously hit a certain resonant note as it was shared over 1000 times on Facebook and seen by over 7000 people. It spawned a whole plethora of social media on the subject of #I Love Larne. And I do. But, as is obvious, I don’t live there. I live out in sunny Western Australia (where it is currently blowing a gale and raining). As well as trying to keep up with the...

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What did Larne ever do for me?

Larne: County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Not the most famous town on the planet, not the prettiest, not the most industrious. It isn’t famed for the birthplace of a US president, like seemingly every other parish in Ireland is (although it does claim a few tenuous grandparental links to some in the Oval Office) nor has it a claim to fame for having the tallest building or the highest mountain. Nope, none of that. It is just a little port-town on the north-east coast of the north of Ireland. It is also the town where I grew up. Regardless that...

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Hooray… connectivity!!

Dateline 17 October 2014  and only 21 days after they came to install our phone-line the wonder that is the Australian communication provider “Telstra” has finally managed to get us a working dial tone and broadband connection. This makes me delighted. In fact more than delighted. I can’t really recall another instance of how something that was not in existence 20 years ago can be so essential to life as an internet connection and wifi… And yes, I get it – what if I was in West Africa and had Ebola on the doorstep? I know. I know… Wifi and...

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